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Crossing The Southern States

 Texas was a huge state, I found it very hard, lucky not to have the expected heat and had some storms but no twisters or hurricanes. Mexican border a danger, especially El Paso, where I nearly lost my bike. I hadOther difficult encounters in Alabama. The image here is of Fort Stockton, I liked the mad bird!

2 Tweets

  • push on and go strong may the winds continue to be with you

  • Alan don’t back down. don’t give up. I cheer for you.

  • Alan fighting!! ^ ^

  • Thank you for doing this for our dad!!!

    Thai in DC, USA

  • Good luck Alan emails sent and packs to Siam
    Ticket copies
    emailed and to x Kong Toronto and will add Euro address as advised

  • Alan,…we ain’t know each other but we’re both love the king.Bon voyage and hope you’ll come back to thailand be safe and joyful.

  • Fight for it!! Do not give up…and THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this for our KING! I’ve already considered you as THAI. Good luck :)

  • You not lonely because everyone go follow you.Someday hard someday smooth that is life for ride.Keep going na kab.

  • emergency number text only
    415 513 9897
    leave no to call back

  • U not alone…Keep going on…

  • Wel done mate say hi to Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach my old playgrounds avoidMobile bay tunnel
    your nearly inTom Lizard lounge country
    Also Sean O’Brien you met in Toms old place has aTampa restaurant andIm sure will be helpful if immediate assistance needed
    Its Bistro on the Beach Tampa Florida

  • Well done Alan. Keep going.

  • I am full of admiration for what you have done so far and for what you’re doing Alan. My best wishes are with you all the way.

  • Su Su na ka Khun Alan, I very admired you. if you are passing by Maryland or DC please let us know.

  • Go Alan Go! GooD LucK

  • u r absolutely awesome, may the strength be with u!!!

  • I belive in you.Keep going !

  • I belive in you

  • very great!!

  • i am sorry to know that u biked through Texas. If I have known, I would have been there to support you. Alan the “HERO”.

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