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The Grand Palace, the final destination, was reached at 3.15 pm yesterday(04/08). The reception was amazing and I have to say a massive thanks to Rawin and Singha and the Grand Palace for allowing us to end our journey at such a sacred location.

THANKS to the support team and every one who took the time and trouble to follow and support us through the whole trip.

To all the companies who were kind enough to support us………..THANK YOU!  Each day from now on, we will tell you a little more of each one and what they actually do.

Our distance is over 29,000 km and the progress map is approximate until all fine details are added.

The kind words and warm hearts mean every thing to me.


Remarks 46 Comments » Topic Uncategorized | 5 Aug 2010

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  • Congratulation Mr.Alan, i’m so proud of you! 😀

  • Congratulation and thanks from a Thai people.

  • Well done and and heartiest Congratulations Alan! Ti was a blast following you in Fb

  • You’ve proved that you are a Thai. เก่งมากครับ

  • no word to say to u now.
    Takcare yourself.

  • A piece of history! I really don’t know how you did that! Massive acheivement. Glad you’re home safely too. Russ.

  • You did it, Thanks a Million

  • You are the MAN!!

  • party time now al , we will have a drink tonite to toast your world record, thatsshowed um all al, comme on

  • congratulations Alan..

    you’re a great man..

    Ennio from Belgium

  • Thank you for what you do

  • Alan…You are my Hero!!! You are great great man ever…I am thankful for you great love to OUR Beloved King!!! Wish all best for you and your family ka. ^__^

    with best regards!

  • Outstanding.
    Congratulations on the completion of your truly amazing feat.
    Alan you are my hero. Well done .

  • your never walk alone we love the king of thailand

  • your never walk alone and we love the king of thailand

  • DALE ALAN…congrats mate..
    Proud for Hostel Porto do Sol have been in your way..
    Congratulations to you and your team..

    Regards from Porto Alegre

  • i was there in the parade of bike to siriraj with you on 8th “you the man the man!”

  • Gratulation! Congratulations, you made it! What a giant inspiration you are, thank you so much!

    All the best from Leipzig in Germany,


  • Thank you for stopping by Rim Talay and sharing Thai food with us. Congratulations!!!!!! from Oceanside California

  • Hi Alan. Well done mate, fantastic effort – you look as fresh as a daisy!!
    Must have been some good home made pasta in NZ that kept you going!…. Enjoy the rest, Gavin & Co

  • Well done mate – awesome result! Amazed you managed to avoid all the major global disasters – and more importantly got home safely!

  • Congratulation Alan. You are amazing.

  • Mr.Alan Bate. you are people in Thailand. ^_^
    I love you. you is my idol for me and for thai. Thank you very much.

  • congratulations to Vin Cox who has been declared the official Guiness World Record holder

  • Thumbs up! you’re so fantastic. You’re my idol and my inspiration.

  • Nothing to say but everyone known you done this with great respective for our King.

    • Articles like these put the csnuomer in the driver seat-very important.

  • Just read your story from preaw magazine.
    Congratulation!! And ….litte late but …welcome back!

  • I admit its odd why Alan has not mentioned anything about his attempt, but unless K wallace and Dave have any other proof then i think you should just shut up.

    That dude cycled 220-300 km a day like a proper liverpudlian Thai Warrior.
    Hes shown more compassion then anyone realises Hes not a Saint and sure he has made a few mistakes.

    But the guy is a true sportsman, and he does keep his word.
    man you people love to judge without any facts at all.

    you should have seen the Thai nationals on route, they would of done anything for him, not because of what he said, but because of what he did .

  • As far as the Guinness World Records is concerened Mr Bate is not the record holder (Vin COX is the holder) , 300km a day ( if confirmed) truly is super human in fact has anyone ever got near this distance daily, even the pros in the Tour de France can’t keep that sort of distance going ( and look at the support they get ). BUT if Mr Bate is confirmed as the new record holder then I will truly truly be in awe .In Fact Mr Bate you should join le Tour next year !!

  • Congratulations on great work, Alan. We are proud of you and what you have done:-)

  • Why doesn’t Alan ever reply to all the comments about him not actualy breaking the record. Lot’s of people are calling him a cheat and saying that the mileage per day he claims to have done is near on impossible for a human being. Come on Alan speak up and silence all those sceptical people who say you are a cheat and a disgrace to Thailand. (and England) Even if you did cheat, it was a damned good effort.

  • Have to agrre with the above post, Why has’nt Alan come out to say he either did or did’nt complete the world record trip. Whikpedia states ‘The record is currently held by Britain’s Vin Cox, who completed his attempt in August 2010 having cycled 18225.7 miles (29331 km) in 163 days 6 hours 58 minutes’
    It does mention Alan ‘On 4 August, Alan Bate apparently completed a circumnavigation in 113 days. The time has NOT been certified by Guinness World Records. Unlike previous self-sufficient attempts, Bate’s ride was partly completed with an accompanying support team.’
    So please Alan let us know what has been happening.

  • Just been reading about this attempt on other blogs here in England, and as the other posts above state Alan Bate is not the record holder, therfore he is lying to everyone in Thailand ,I just don’t get why you have chosen to go into hiding ? Why cant the Thai people see he has lied to them and their King !
    Surely this must be some sort of Treason ?

  • Thank you Alan. You are inspiring us.

  • He’s done it

  • No way can this be valid – it was completed with an accompanying support team…that is cheating!

  • Kicked your ass! 92 days now. And I didn’t cheat by using a support vehicle.

  • Whoever is posting as me above is a troublemaker and a coward.

    I have respect for Alan as one cyclist to another and I now know the highs and lows that he will have been through on his ride. Whatever support is used, so long as the attempt is fully human powered is within the rules so for the record I don’t consider it cheating, just a different approach.

    Please don’t imitate me, especially if you’re going to start sentenced with ‘And’.





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